Data Converter Conversion Module

The Data Converter translation module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) converts characters or strings of characters in the print stream. The module modifies print jobs at run time, adds signatures, makes data unprintable, or corrects coding errors.

The power of the Data Converter lies in the fact that it can change print jobs at run time. Problem print streams can be corrected and images or forms can be added to a print job by invoking macros or Xerox DJDEs. Because the user defines the operation of the Data Converter Module, it is extremely flexible and powerful.

SPDE Data Converter Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Search and replace any data string for any other data string
  • Supports binary data
  • Append or insert any data strings into a file
  • Data Converter Conversion Module
  • Included with Base System