ASCII::3211 Conversion Module

The ASCII::3211 printer emulation module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) converts ASCII text files into 3211 format for printing on BUS/TAG channel attached printers. Unix and personal computers typically generate ASCII files for financial statements, catalogs, listings, and other reports for printing on inexpensive impact and non-impact printers. ASCII controls placement of text with a simple series of carriage control commands. ASCII carriage controls generally follow text characters, providing a sequence of write and space operations. This module can convert both the carriage control and code page of ASCII data into new formats.

SPDE ASCII::3211 Conversion Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Converts ASCII carriage control into IBM 3211
  • Translates ASCII character set into EBCDIC Code Page 37 Character set
  • Translates ASCII character set into Xerox Extended EBCDIC character set
  • ASCII::3211 Emulation Module
  • Included with Base System