SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) System Architecture

One of the key strengths of the SOLsearcher Enterprise System is its sophisticated management and configuration capabilities. Intuitive yet extremely powerful, the System Manager and Application Database Manager client software modules enable organizations to customize their operating environment quickly and easily.

The SOLsearcher System Manager is used to define the system’s overall architecture, including the creation and management of archives. It also establishes security rights for both users and archives, and automatically enables system load balancing and fault tolerance capabilities.

SSE User Interface

SOLsearcher Enterprise includes a multi-language web client and an Application Programming Interface (API), providing organizations with the flexibility to customize the appearance and functionality of the client to suit their needs, including integration with existing portals. The customizable Inbox and Email alert messaging features ensure immediate access to critical information and notification of availability.

SSE Overview

SSE is a powerful and highly secure electronic document delivery and web presentment solution.

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SSE Architecture

SSE Components and software modules enable organizations to customize their operating environment quickly and easily.

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SDX Designer

Design, test and manage the SOLsearcher Enterprise indexing templates, known as SDX files.

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ROI Calculator

This calculator helps you compute your own electronic document delivery cost/time analysis and potential savings.

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Solution Brochure

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Architecture Brochure

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Chemistry - CCM Platform

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Solimar ADF Solutions

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Storage & Retention

SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) can be configured to automatically move files to pre-defined storage based on a specific retention period, or if the file reaches a certain file size. In addition, SSE can be configured to automatically delete files/documents after a specified retention period. This can help implement a progressive storage/retention plan such as Hierarchical storage management (HSM).

Hierarchical storage management (HSM) is designed to automate the migration and retrieval of data between expensive storage media such as hard disk drives and low-cost media such as optical disks and magnetic tapes. All the data stored in the repository appear online to the user, regardless of whether they are stored as online or offline.

The advantages of HSM technology include:

  • Large amount of data can be stored in a relatively small storage space
  • Reduced data storage costs
  • Simplified data retrieval
  • Transparency