iCONVERT Test File Criteria

To demonstrate the capabilities, speed, and accuracy of iCONVERT™, customer application testing is available. Clients can submit AFPDS, ACIF and IPDS print streams and files with necessary resources for testing. Solimar technicians test conversion speeds, examine the fidelity of the output, and incorporate specific printing requirements during system configuration. A test result summary is provided and often includes system recommendations.

Sending AFPDS

Solimar recommends creating an ACIF file for testing AFPDS applications. ACIF file creation is part of PSF on the mainframe. Using ACIF is easier than AFPDS files because PSF will take care of gathering all the necessary resources and data the test may require. Please read the Directions for Creating ACIF Files for testing prospect’s AFP applications. Please make the resources the first part of the concatenation to make testing easier.

Sending IPDS

Solimar offers a TCP/IP Input connection to receive IPDS data directly from a prospect’s host system. This “live” connection allows for the bi-directional communication IPDS data uses. In most cases, the connection involves the prospect bypassing their internal firewall, so ACIF files may be preferred. The IP address for directly sending IPDS test files is port 5001. A time and date needs to be scheduled for us to bring up the test server for receiving the IPDS data.

Note: Some host systems require that recfm=bm be added to the sysut2 dataset during ACIF file creation. If your prospect gets error messages during ACIF file creation have them add this setting.

Necessary Information to Include

  • Complete company name, address, telephone number, and email address
  • Name and title of main contact
  • Description of host systems, printers, and existing connectivity
  • Information on how files were created
  • Detail desired changes to printing environment and workflow
  • Type of conversion(s) requested
  • Indication of highlight or full-color text or images
  • Any existing printing challenges with the files
  • Desired media for returning test results
  • Sample hardcopy output from the test data provided, produced on the current printer.

Media Guidelines

To assist with test file reliability, please submit the files in Windows readable format (floppy disk, CD-ROM, ZIP disk, etc.). Files with the necessary test information can be submitted via FTP, email, courier, or regular mail. When sending electronically, attach compressed, self-executable files that include the data and printer resources. For sending files via mail or courier, include the data and resources on CD, diskette, 9-track tape, ¼” tape, 3480/3490 cartridge, or Zip disk.

Please complete the iCONVERT Test File Checklist to make sure you have supplied all the crucial information regarding your sample data. For testing reports with sensitive information, clients should generate fictitious data to assure the security of the transmitted information. File testing is performed daily, but allow up to 10 business days for results due to high demand peaks.

Instructions for Sending Test Files

Please send test files and resources to:

Solimar Systems, Inc.
Testing Department
1515 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
+1.619.849.2800 tel
Email: testing@solimarsystems.com
FTP Site: https://solftp.solimarsystems.com/