How New PDF Optimization Software is Really Improving Printing

Software solutions have the goal of leveraging computer technology to provide benefits and ultimately improve processes within an industry. At Solimar Systems, we have specialized in print workflow software for print service providers and their print shops for 30 years. The benefit of that is that we have a keen sense of printing, digital delivery of information and innovations that would really improve the communications industry as a whole.

In this video, Mary Ann Rowan, Chief Experience Officer, shares one of our latest innovations around PDF optimization prepress software, ReadyPDF Prepress Server. This new award-winning technology, as bestowed by Keypoint Intelligence, is proving to provide impactful results for print providers. The components to this industry impact are PDF optimization capabilities and advanced features for today’s print shop equipment, such as digital cutsheet toner and inkjet devices and the high-speed roll-fed inkjet print devices.

Solimar calls this new innovation ReadyPDF Prepress Server because it is intended to help at the very beginning of the production process. For print providers and their print environments (print shops), it has the ability to help rapidly onboard orders (jobs or work. And it also helps digital content production and delivery environments too. Our software helps significantly by optimizing file size, structure, font contents, color spaces and contents objects to make it possible for files to be processed faster and with fewer errors.

Time is money, so every efficiency is valuable as Mary Ann explains in this short video. Whether you are a commercial, direct mailer, label, packaging, transactional, wide format printer or a little bit of everything, our team at Solimar believes your print shop and digital archive and delivery processes will benefit from upgraded PDF optimization technology. A solution that is part of a larger ecosystem of modular solutions we call our Chemistry Platform. Be sure to stay tuned for future Solimar Secrets episodes.

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