Does PDF Plus JDF Make for a Strong Future in Printing and Automation?

For print providers, having the right combination of printing and software technology is key in creating efficient and optimized print workflows. In today’s fast-paced and competitive printing environment, leveraging the ability to automate your print workflow is critical to uninterrupted print management and on-time delivery of work to your customers. At Solimar Systems, we believe that the combination of the PDF file format and the JDF and JMF specifications are coming together to make printing more efficient, automated and trackable.

In this Solimar Secrets video, Pat McGrew, Industry Expert, Analyst and Managing Director of McGrewGroup and our Solimar President, Drew Sprague, will discuss how the file format PDF being paired with the bi-directional communication technology of JDF and JMF is set to make significant efficiency and optimization changes for print providers. And is this what makes for an Automated Document Factory?

Whether your organization manages one print shop or multiple print environments, the print and digital file format you choose to leverage and the method you choose to connect it to your print hardware and digital channels matter. As our experts will share, the same is true for how you connect to your print management system, printers and finishing equipment. The method used in your print shop or print environment will define what is possible in automation, tracking and reporting.

During this episode, Pat and Drew will discuss when, how and why PDF has become such an important part of the print industry. And there is no doubt with trillions of PDFs out in the world, that most organizations are dealing with PDF today or will need to in the future. Then they will link PDF to the JDF and JMF standard and explain how it can be leveraged to gain automation and what many in the print industry have referred to as an Automated Document Factory.

We hope you will find this information on PDF, JDF and JMF valuable for your print shop. As you look to improve your automation, optimization, tracking and reporting, we invite you to look for more episodes in our Solimar Secrets video series. We look forward to sharing inspiration and innovation with you.

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