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2021 FuturePrint Virtual Conference

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FuturePrint 2021


Will Software Actually Drive Success For Your Volume Printing?

During this FuturePrint session, we will look at how software can give you the adaptability and assurance you need to take on more work, do so more efficiently and reimagine the way your business can address changing markets. Moreover, the added security of knowing you have control and visibility no matter where you are or your employees are will factor into the opportunities available to grow.

Our goal is to share ideas printers can consider, features you should be looking for in your current and future solutions, and a perspective on the ease of implementation and ongoing maintenance. Ultimately, we hope to reinvigorate your excitement for what you as a Print Service Provider (PSP), or other volume printer, can achieve and connect that to the power of capable software features that will set your print production business on a path for sustainable, repeatable and, somewhat, future-proof success.

LOCATION: Online Webinar
PRESENTER(S): Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Senior Director, Engagement and Jamie Walsh, Regional Sales Manager, Solimar Systems & Pat McGrew, Managing Director, McGrewGroup
DATE & TIME: February 26, 2021, 5:30 am PST



February 25 – February 26

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Virtual Conference