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Empowering ChemistryNewsletter - June 2017

4 Reasons PDF Should be Your Workflow Print Language for the Future
4 Reasons PDF Should be Your Workflow Print Language for the Future
As you look toward the future for your customer communications, have you considered the technology that will power the communication and print production environment of the future? Here are 4 reasons why PDF is integral to the next generation of communication workflows.
EVENTS - Recap of Recent Activities
Solimar Systems User Conference 2017
May in San Diego; the weather was oddly cool, but the excitement and learning at the Solimar Systems User Conference 2017 created a warm sense of community and optimism for the future. Find out what is on the road ahead for Solimar and our users.
The Role Of Post Composition In Customer Communications Management
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR:  The Role of Post-Composition in Customer Communications Management (CCM)
Are you struggling to understand what the role of your post-composition or document re-engineering tools are really for in your CCM workflow? Or maybe you are wondering if you can streamline, consolidate--even live without them... Join our experts as the describe the role and whether it is important in today's CCM.
A Strategic Choice In Customer Communications Software
BUSINESS OUTLOOK: A Strategic Choice in Customer Communications Software: Quick Start, Solid Base, Expert Support
Software in the print and customer communications production and workflow space has had a history of being complicated and time consuming to implement. Add to it an army of professional services and the experience after signing on the dotted line is, in a word, disappointing. Challenge that experience with a different perspective with Solimar Systems leading the charge in CCM workflow solutions.
The Myth Of The Print Ready File
The Myth of the "Print Ready File &Your Secret Weapon to Combat it in CCM
Post-composition_ From Middleware To Mission Critical
From Middleware to Mission Critical for CCM
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