Can you Redact or Remove Sensitive Content from Your Communications—Easily?

January 8, 2018
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It seems like we read about it the more technology advances—data and security breaches. And more than that, the regulations for what is allowed to be included in a communication has also evolved. Today, we cannot legally show full account numbers, complete Social Security numbers and other personal and identifiable information. On the face of it, it makes sense and it may not seem like a big deal. Or is it?

Print Service Providers (PSPs) and In-Plants that handle communications to consumers know that complying with all regulations, managing archived communications and protecting their customers (the consumer) isn’t as easy as it sounds. At least, it isn’t if you don’t have the right technology in place for your print and digital production environment. Complications can also arise in a legacy or older process when trying to convert those to an upgraded customer experience…say through the acquisition of a new inkjet printing press or other digital printing equipment.

The question becomes, do you have the software and prepress tools in place to protect your customers’ sensitive information—and for your risk management folks, avoid fines, penalties, and brand damaging PR. There is nothing quite like having your brand on the front page of the paper, splashed across the internet news sites and on network news to damage the perception consumers have about your good business.

So how do you protect your customers, your brand, and your team? Workflow and Document Transformation software, an area of software that Solimar Systems has been specializing in for over 25 years. With our Chemistry Platform of workflow management and document enrichment and enhancement software, we make it possible to manage your customer’s data and how it is communicated with them using automation, rules and a powerful easy-to-use toolset.

Chemistry Enterprise Dashboard for workflow automation. Solimar Systems. Rubika. Transactional Printing. Workflow Automation.

Whether you are pulling print file formats like AFP, PostScript, Metacode or PDF from your archives or generating new content from a composition system, the Chemistry platform allows you to quickly redact information. Think about those archived files being used for e-delivery. Old PDFs or other formats that were originally created with sensitive information can now be used with confidence by protecting customer information. Composed communication files, whether they are for print or digital delivery can easily be handled without going back to the composition stage, and can then be moved back into the print or digital delivery stream. This isn’t just disguising or masking the data. Our redaction solution completely removes it for the utmost security.

With our modular approach, the sky is really the limit from there. The Chemistry platform is capable of tracking and reporting on your production print jobs through their various workflow process while sending the status back to a live desktop and mobile enabled dashboard. We can even add value to your communications through variable and dynamic advertising or informational messaging right on the whitespace of your communication—something you may have heard as TransPromo or TransEd. Or breathe new life into your documents by adding an Augmented Reality experience to them without recomposing/redesigning the communication.

In an era where security and protection of information is key, let Solimar help you make sure you have the right tools in place that can meet your needs today and continue to scale as regulations and your business needs change. Don’t wait until someone levies heavy fines on your business!

From simple print file conversion to changing and enhancing already designed and created communications, our team of print and electronic communications experts can show you where there are real savings in workflow efficiencies and automation, while making manual and everyday tasks quicker, less error-prone and auditable.

Contact us today here through our website or give us a call at 619.849.2800. We look forward to helping you meet and exceed your goals this year.

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