PrintWeekLive! 2017 – Meeting UK’s Printing Experts

Slightly off London’s buzz, we found ourselves in Coventry at the Ricoh Arena for the first PrintWeekLive! Conference and Exhibition, March 8 and 9, 2017.

Solimar Systems, PrintWeekLive, PrintWeek, UK, PDF, Concatenate, Optimize PDFs, Commingle, Barcode, Augmented Reality, AR, Whitepaper Factory, Rubika, Chemistry, Assistive TechnologyA new show, a new focus

PrintWeek is taking a bold but valid step by organizing this event with the convincing concept of bringing experts together, and by keeping it small and focused, short and intense.

Over two days, hardware, software, supplies, and workshop theaters focusing on the digital/transactional printing industry attract guests from across the UK to get insights, confirm research they might have done online and supports decision making processes.

Let the work flow and add value

At the Solimar booth, we presented workflow solutions for streamlined and cost-effecting mailroom operations and how augmented reality can add an extra layer of value to printed documents without actually tampering with the document or content (which, where required, you can, of course, do in a post-composition step with, for example, our Rubika suite of modules).

With the Solimar AR approach any document can get a “virtual” facelift, transport even more personalized information and add to the value of any paper-based communication, as Mary Ann Rowan, our CSMO explained in her workshop session, Optimize your inkjet printing & mailing operations.

With the “Crawl, walk, run” approach, AR can match any complexity level required by the customer:

  • Add “simple” messages and downloads such as coupons
  • Add messages changing as offering change on e.g. monthly basis
  • Add dynamic and personalized messages, secure information or even integrate the Solimar AR into an existing, e.g. mobile banking app.

Our take away from the show

With 4 workshop theaters, a Power 100 Wall, profiling the UK most influential players, an “Ask the Expert” area for 1:1 sessions with UK industry experts, a “From the Archives” and a “Print Showcase” booth, PrintWeek did everything to back up the success of the UK printing industry.

We’re still awaiting final numbers how many attendees PrintWeek counted. But we all agreed, we expected to see more people, but at the same time, we were happy to talk to “high-quality” guests: decision makers.

All in all, a conference in line with the current trend to be smaller, more focused and geographically closer to the customer-base. So let’s keep an eye on what’s happening next year.

See you soon at a conference near you,

Your Solimar Systems Team

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