PRINT 17 Drives 2018 for Solimar Systems Customers…and it Should for You Too

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PRINT 17 has come and gone; and we in the industry are consuming first takes, top-tens and thoughts from our fellow partners, colleagues, and vendors. It gave us something to think about. With all the customer conversations we had, what was the pattern that is driving our current and potential clients and their customers for the coming year? After all, it is fourth-quarter and for many, the road ahead is how to close out 2017 and grow in 2018.

In the analyst community, Keypoint Intelligence—still known to many of us as InfoTrends–put their spin on a first take a few weeks ago. Among their first takes was this excerpt that is poignant to our work here at Solimar:

Workflow solutions become more important with every show as evidenced by the footprint for software providers. At Print 17 there were workflow solutions from the major hardware vendors, established software vendors, and emerging solutions providers, but the offerings were incremental with new features or updated interfaces on top of established platforms.

In that first look, they mention our partnership with SCREEN and the workflow solutions we bring to the market together. In fact, at PRINT 17, our solutions and presence were found in several of the big print provider booths including Konica Minolta, Xerox, and SCREEN. So what did we learn?

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SCREEN, Solimar Systems

Solimar clients, whether they be partners or direct customers, are looking for very specific things. They have a problem they need to solve today. At PRINT 17, that tends to be the focus, whether that is something they want to solve in a month, a quarter or the next year. It is really the starting point to something larger…insight into an environment and organization that is looking to do exactly what we strive to achieve at Solimar: high-quality, efficiency and a superior customer experience from beginning to end.

Many of our customers came by our booth or a partner’s booth to see if we could help them build better workflows. This was definitely a trend we saw like our analyst counterparts and one echoed in the Xplor breakfast panel during PRINT 17. Generally, this starts with a question like:

“Can you move jobs from one print center to another across the country, even if it starts as one print file..and can I still track each piece of the job?”

Okay, so there are really three questions there, but remember time is money on a trade show floor! The answer was yes. But even if the answer is, we need to know more…our Solimar experts are always up for the challenge. Which is why you will see them at a wide variety of print trade shows.

What we learned at PRINT 17 is that people need oversight of the operations. They have lived without it for many years, but the ability to see their family’s location via their app-enabled cell phone has raised their expectations. Now the IT and operations department responsible for delivering print and digital communications is looking to better track, understand and report on the important assets they manage in an organization. Communication is King in a customer experience and engagement driven environment.

Understanding this, our focus at PRINT 17 was Visibility and Tracking. Moreover, we announced our ability to do all of this via mobile devices so you can go from the office to the golf course and then to the dinner table and still know that your customer communications workflows are on the right track. All this, and with the added benefit of giving your customers the same insight through their own specific and secure mobile view.

Getting started is sometimes the hard part; like sorry being the hardest word. This is why we invite potential and current clients of Solimar to turn to us and let us lend a helping hand. In our recent newsletter, we wrote about our Client Assessment process and even recorded a SOLicast on it for easy consumption. The value of an assessment is critical for organizations looking for the current solution to a print and mail or digital communications problem, as well as, for the ability to plan for 2018 and beyond.

Start with our self-assessment process and open the doors to defining what your organization would benefit most from. Then let us help you on-site by diagramming your workflow and getting buy-in from all levels of the company.

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PRINT 17 gave us perspective and understanding; each client is at a different point of reinventing their print and digital communications processes. And they need help from the smallest transform to large workflow overhauls. Moreover, they need a partner that can help them navigate the complexities with easy-to-use, scalable solutions that are changing with the times. Like Augmented Reality, for example, which was definitely a hot demo at our PRINT 17 booth this year.

From old-school print file transforms and document enhancement and enrichment to workflow management and oversight—Solimar Systems partners with our clients to give them what they need today and building a plan to meet their needs into the future.

Let us help you bring in a strong 2017 and drive an even better 2018. Reach out to us today with your current needs and be sure to ask us about our assessment process.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.