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Without a doubt, Gulf Print & Pack in Dubai is the event in the Middle-East North Africa (MENA) region everyone who cares about the future of print should attend, whether it’s as a vendor or a visitor.

Solimar Systems, Gulf Print & Pack, Customer Communications Management, Xploration, Rubika, Augmented Reality, Workflow Optimization

More of everything, including demanding

Looking back at the previous events we saw an increase both in visitors and exhibitors (all leading hardware and software providers made sure they secured a booth to present their latest and finest products and solutions) and an interest in advanced professional solutions. For us, the “usual suspects” to present were optimized output management and PDF handling. Basically everything and anything you can imagine to keep track of your printing workflow, from optimized input across workflow management to driving printers and connected hardware, as well as optimizing PDF documents at the post-composition stage and getting them print-ready. Extracting information, adding/replacing information, impositioning, commingling – you name it; in other words, happy days for our suite of output management solutions lead by our Chemistry™  platform and the Rubika suite of modules.

Solimar Systems, Gulf Print & Pack, Customer Communications Management, Xploration, Rubika, Augmented Reality, Workflow Optimization

Leading digital innovation with Augmented Reality

But how could we possibly be talking about the future without mentioning Augmented Reality (AR). And where better to introduce a future-proof solution than in the MENA region. Together with our partner Xerox, we introduced this added layer of value to paper to existing and new contacts from this area, where digital innovation is leading every decision making process. Needless to say, it was the “Wow”-factor of our product demos.

What’s so cool about AR?

But what can AR really do for me? We heard this question many times. And there are as many answers to it: it can make your documents evergreen, it makes your documents more accessible, it helps “speak” (literally) to audiences that might not feel attracted to paper otherwise, it opens up and attracts new industries to use print, and in particular in a more effective way. Just imagine you can now send out an invoice including an explainer video as part of the AR layer you add to it, or in health care, add videos to add benefit to the information, in real estate, add virtual home tour videos to the brochures you send out, or, like in our zoo video: say thank you adding a personal message:

We could go on and on about this but we’d rather invite you to stop by at our booth at one of our next events. And if you can’t wait to find out more about what we do, drop us a line or give us a call on +1 619 849 2800 to arrange your personal webinar today.

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