CROconnect: The Invaluable Nature of In-Person Events and Connections

July 24, 2018
CROconnect: The Invaluable Nature of In-Person Events and Connections

Calling myself a relationship expert might get me in hot water with those that are near and dear; however, I do believe strongly in the power of relationships and the need to cultivate them. If this were a Dear Abby post, there are plenty of personal relationships we could talk about. But, in this case, I am speaking mainly about the professional kind that we forge in our business ventures. These professional relationships are truly integrated into the foundation of how we work at Solimar Systems. It is also in the DNA of our client-focused team of experts, myself as Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) along with our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) Mary Ann Rowan as well as our whole team that works with our valued customers.

The connection we make with people most often in today’s business world is over the phone or on web-enabled meetings. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have all participants on video, which can really help with impressions, understanding, and engagement. However, it just isn’t the same as meeting with someone in the flesh. Trade shows and other conference events have been a bit of a struggle for some vendor companies to balance the expense with the value-add that comes from them. Let’s face it, we are all looking to add people to our customer-base and if a show doesn’t help do that, then it will be on the marketing budget chopping block. And salespeople don’t suffer from their time being misspent either. But there is a glimmer of hope!

We are seeing many groups, trade shows and conferences reinvent themselves for the benefit of both the vendors and consumers in the market. This is especially true for any technology that touches print; whether that be commercial or transactional. Just another reason we believe in the power of the in-person meeting and the ability to demonstrate solutions and exchange information. Plus, you get to see more than just our team at Solimar…you get to interact with our network of partners. You can look at new printing technology and see how integrations work for end-to-end solution capabilities in your print environment. You could also see some innovative new technology around interactive print that encompasses Augmented Reality (AR).

I would like to extend you a personal invitation to visit us at an upcoming event. We are currently scheduled for these world-wide shows (and you can see an up-to-the-minute list here). Be sure to click on the links for more details on the particular show or forum you are interested in:

It will be a busy second half of the year for our Solimar team and we hope we get a chance to interact with you face-to-face at one of these great events. If you are interested in a show or the show is in your area and you would like to schedule some individual time with us, please reach out to me. I would love to help connect you with our team and the right people to understand your business needs and show you how our solutions can make a difference. I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.