CCM Visibility and Oversight—Now on a Mobile Device Near You

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Five years ago, our expectations for how it was possible to manage the production of print and electronic communications were really limited to what we could do from software on a desktop or laptop computer. While the idea of tracking and monitoring the processes on a production floor dates back to the original idea of an Automated Document Factory (ADF), it has been difficult to achieve this level of automation; let alone to then see into the workflow process to provide visibility, notifications of events or issues or generate reports.

This is really the challenge behind what Gartner defines as CCM: Customer Communications Management. It makes more sense when you see the explanation…

Customer communications management (CCM) is defined as the strategy to improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound communications, including those for marketing, new product introductions, renewal notifications, claims correspondence and documentation, and bill and payment notifications. These interactions can happen through a widespread range of media and output, including documents, email, Short Message Service (SMS) and Web pages. CCM solutions support these objectives, providing companies with an application to improve outbound communications with their distributors, partners, regulatory bodies and customers.

Our expectations of achieving visibility, as well as, operational oversight for production environments has been elevated in the last few years by the mobile device access we have to banking, directions, shopping and more. However, it is still missing in CCM. Solimar is excited to close that gap in 2017 with the release of our mobile visibility, tracking and notification solution as part of our Chemistry Platform.

Now through a responsive web-client, Solimar clients are able to combine the power of print management, automated workflows, event notification and tracking and report capabilities for viewing anywhere your phone or tablet can take you. We call it an extension to our most recent release of SOLitrack 2.0—SOLitrack Mobile. Now with Solimar, you can have GPS for your documents right in your pocket wherever you are.

What does our mobile web-client make possible? Using your mobile phone or tablet you will be able to view all of the workflows associated with your production environment. Integrating with the Solimar Chemistry platform, users can search for and view jobs submitted to the system. Then while viewing a job, drill into the steps completed along the assigned workflow. For quick visibility, you are able to use SOLitrack Mobile to filter jobs by specific workflows and devices to view and filter specific alerts and notifications and monitor the status of your printing devices.

Using the full capability of our workflow oversight solution, SOLitrack, in conjunction with the modular capabilities of the entire Chemistry platform, organizations are able to onboard jobs, transform print and electronic communications files, drive production print devices, enhance and enrich communications with innovative experience like Variable Data Augmented Reality (VDAR) and make the entire process visible on both desktops and mobile devices. Plus, you can create and distribute reports to help inform department heads, support, and customers.

Solimar Systems

There is an added benefit for your customers as well; with our mobile client, there is a built-in capability to assign logins and permissions to extend visibility to your customers. By assigning permissions to jobs, you can give your customers their own login credentials so that they can log in to SOLitrack Mobile and see their submitted jobs. To make it a seamless experience, you are even able to brand the SOLitrack application so that customers experience your brand with every interaction. Alerts and notification can also be set up to display in the mobile application, as well as, be sent to your customers, which can help notify of file receipt, job completion and reduce calls into your shop.

As technology continues to shape our lives and expectations, don’t let your print and electronic communications production environment—or CCM—be left behind in the last decade. With help from Solimar, our refreshing relationship-focused approach and unique environment assessment process, you will be able to achieve the visibility and oversight of your operations while driving new business, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Contact us today to get started!

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.