Building Relationships: The Power of Visiting Clients In-Person

August 18, 2017
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At Solimar Systems, building strong and positive relationships with our clients has been a core part of our company value systems since the very beginning in 1991. If you look at the definition of “relationship”, it is defined as:

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Truly, the relationship is the foundation…a starting point with a current, new or potential person, group or organization. In our case, it’s our clients—and in-turn, their customers. In order to make a relationship valuable there has to be something more than just a “state of being connected”. A positive and strong relationship, our goal with our clients, is created when there is mutual benefit and understanding.

While the benefit part of that statement is important, we believe understanding is where critical mass happens—or simply where the magic happens.

How do we create this magic at Solimar? Part of it is the vision of our Executive team to place emphasis on and investment in positions like mine, Chief Relationship Officer. It shows how ingrained the importance of a positive relationship is to the entire workings of Solimar as a whole. And indeed, it allows us to execute the magic of understanding by meeting with our customers, learning about their environments and offering to help them like a friend would do—with no upfront charge or cost.

Free. This is why we focus on visiting our clients and experiencing their day-to-day operations. In fact, we would love an opportunity to come see you in the near future. Our starting point might be a simple visit tour of your facility and discussion about your current workflow. This might take an hour or two, or even half a day.

Or it might be most beneficial for you to take advantage of our no-obligation formal one-day onsite assessment process. Recently, we have seen our One-Day Assessment Program make a significant impact for our current and potential clients. Through a logical and detailed discovery process, the assessment lets teams within an organization jump out of the whirlwind of everyday activities and deadlines and rediscover for themselves pain points in their operations. Most importantly, your Solimar team of experts will be there through the process to document and report back to you the findings. All delivered through a formal presentation and written report that our clients keep.

Like we do in our own lives for our friends and relations, we believe that working hand-in-hand with our clients is the only way to truly understand and build the lasting positive relationship. We invite you to learn more about our assessment processes by contacting us today or by booking an appointment with us at the upcoming PRINT 17 trade show in Chicago!

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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