Solimar User Conference: Adding Layers of Know-How for More Powerful Communications

When you hear “User Conference” what comes to mind? At Solimar Systems, we hear from people that user conferences are great, but they are really geared for the tech savvy people in their Information Technology (IT) organization. This is not the case with the Solimar User Conference 2017, and we want you to attend this May 16-17 in picturesque San Diego.

Why is the Solimar User Conference different? First, we have two tracks; an Executive and Technical track. In the Executive track, you will learn how workflow affects your business and the customer experience. Our customers will share real-world insights from their day-to-day business giving you an opportunity to leverage their experiences. The takeaways will be tangible ways to streamline and accelerate your transformation to a fully-visible and connected Customer Communications Management (CCM) environment.

Chemistry Enterprise Dashboard for workflow automation. Solimar Systems. Rubika. Transactional Printing. Workflow Automation.

In the Technical Track, we invite you to attend or send your best IT members. The technical track will be hands on with the chance to test drive Solimar workflow solutions. In addition, we will help users with challenges they face today in their facilities, as well as, give insight into new innovations coming to our core Chemistry platform—the foundation of our workflow solutions.

And did we mention we have gone digital? As a leading company in the Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Customer Communications Management (CCM) space, we know the importance of understanding digital and mobile interactions. That is why this year’s conference will have a tablet included for all registered attendees. Preloaded on that tablet will be all the conference materials and the first glimpse of our new and exciting e-learning platform, Solimar University.

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Come see why the Solimar User Conference has been a valuable part of our customers’ strategic and tactical planning for many years. You can learn more on our conference event page or by contacting us today. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego in May!

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.