XCHANGE::PDF Conversion Module

The XCHANGE::PDF viewable printer emulation module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) converts mainframe and Xerox LCDS/Metacode applications to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files. The output files from this module are for use with Adobe Acrobat viewing stations, imaging systems, and Internet publishing programs that support PDF. Additional benefits include document reprinting, archiving, proofing, and instant publishing of PDF files on Intranets and the Internet.


Module Specifications & Components

  • Converts Xerox fonts into Adobe Type 3 fonts for 100% document fidelity
  • Supports font substitution with Adobe Type 1 screen fonts for optimized viewing
  • Supports flate compression of images
  • Supports background fonts and can disable shading
  • Supports pre-printed form overlays and full-color pre-printed stock
  • Supports and displays color in text and graphics
  • Outputs fully searchable PDF text files
  • Integrated with the Job Separator module to create multiple PDF files from a single data file
  • Emulates Xerox LPS Metacode printers in channel and tape modes
  • Emulates IBM line printers
  • Supports Xerox FNT, FRM, IMG, LGO, PDE, CME, and JSLs
  • Supports Xerox resources with FILE=() and batch and page-interleaved graphics
  • Converts print data and resources dynamically without coding or reprogramming
  • Outputs PDF files for viewing with Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher
  • Supports incoming file formats: ASCII, EBCDIC, 3211, 3262, 4245, 4248, 6262, Xerox DJDE/LCDS/Metacode
  • XCHANGE::PDF Printer Emulation Module
  • Solimar JSL Compiler
  • Solimar FSL Compiler
  • Modules are licensed separately.