ReadyPDF® Optimization Module

ReadyPDF optimizes PDF files so they process more efficiently for e-delivery, archiving and production printing. ReadyPDF combines several PDF optimization technologies under one solution along with Solimar technology and added customizations which provide a high degree of functionality and robustness. Initial benchmarking shows ReadyPDF is not only capable of much higher throughput, but successfully processes files other solutions are simply not able to run.

ReadyPDF - SPDE Module

Use ReadyPDF for high-performance processing including scheduling and automating tasks. Unlike shareware or other solutions, ReadyPDF is intended for mission-critical applications where ease of use and reliability are of utmost importance.



Combine and reuse resources to reduce data stream complexity and file size. The removal of duplicate resources and XObjects improves processing time and provides a more efficient file.



Fonts should be embedded - typically "resident" fonts. Use font consolidation to reduce the number of duplicated fonts or subsetted Type1 fonts, which can result in a more streamlined PDF file.



Optimize the color for e-delivery or print with an automated rules-based dynamic selection of the appropriate color profile and device intent.



Optimize color, grayscale, and monochrome images for the target device by using image conversion and downsampling to reduce file sizes.



Remove user data and object information such as annotations, metadata, document tags and bookmarks, comments, and thumbnails to reduce file size.



Compress and optimize content streams and data structures, and remove all off-page objects, flatten layer transparency, and empty XObjects, to help address any content structure issues.

ReadyPDF Obfuscate


Scramble all of the text in PDF files or you can provide a list of exclusions for static content that you don’t want changed. The replaced text is replaced with the same type of characters so numbers remain numbers and text stays as text.

Module Specifications & Components

  • Built on the “Gold Standard” of core Adobe technology
  • Fonts are converted for an exact match to what you see in Adobe products
  • Color is controlled to match what you expect in Adobe products
  • Replace subset fonts (fonts that don’t have complete sets embedded)
  • Combine, reduce, reuse resources for smaller file sizes and less complexity for processors
  • Create web versions remove unnecessary resources from the PDF for the fastest online viewing
  • Create PDF files with the smallest file size possible for the fastest processing possible
  • Color optimization for the destination of choice (print hardware or electronic channels)
  • Integrated with the Solimar Chemistry platform for complete automation possibilities and compatibility

  • ReadyPDF Optimization Module
  • PDF Interpreter
  • With the addition of ReadyPDF to an existing SPDE server, it is possible that applications may require additional resources in order to handle the additional load and run the software. ReadyPDF requires an additional interpreter license in order to run the module. In general, Solimar suggests that users equip SPDE servers with one core per licensed interpreter and an additional 4+ GB RAM per interpreter instance. In order to determine an appropriate amount of RAM, Solimar recommends that users evaluate the resource utilization and performance of their applications on existing SPDE servers, and expand available resources as they believe necessary to meet processing objectives. Solimar recommends that users install, test and evaluate applications and workflows in a non-production test/development environment before using the software in production
  • Modules are licensed separately.