PDF Conversion Modules

The Solimar PDF Input emulation modules of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) enable printing PDF 1.x to 2.0 documents onto printers that support AFPDS, Xerox Metacode, PostScript or IPDS, and archiving systems that accept TIFF files. These modules can also be used in conjunction with other modules to seamlessly provide PDF conversions to PCL. The PDF emulation can convert data at 1000+ pages per minute.

PDF Modules

PDF Conversion Modules


This output is typically used to produce output for archive systems and printer front-end systems that support AFPDS.

PDF::IPDS Module

This module works in conjunction with the IPDS Print Controller output module. This output module provides the bi-directional communication to the IPDS printer(s) from the Solimar print server (host).

PDF::Metacode Module

This output can be formatted and automatically directed to Xerox LPS printers via SCSI SDI, BUS/TAG, and offline tape. Xerox LPS printers require the graphic handling option for printing images.

PDF::PostScript Module

Most printers do not accept PDF files directly so a transform from PDF to another printable stream is usually necessary. PDF::PostScript specifically generates PostScript which is useful for devices that support PostScript.

PDF::TIFF Module

This module supports special DPI settings include Fax Standard 204×98, and Fax High 204×196. By nature, class F TIFF images are black and white, so color controls are not included in this module.

Module Specifications & Components

  • PDF 1.x to 2.0 documents may originate from any platform
  • RIPs PDF files into full-page graphics or images
  • Supports TrueType and Adobe Type 1 and 3 fonts
  • Double byte font (DBCS) or Asian languages support: Chinese – Mandarin and Cantonese, Vietnamese, Armenian. These are also referred to as CJK fonts for Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Supports highlight color and color biasing in text and images
  • Configures up to six feed drawers based on paper sizes
  • Directs feed drawer support through PDF page size commands
  • Supports a user defined DPI settings and page sizes
  • Offers multiple compression options for TIFF and IPDS output
  • PDF::AFPDS Printer Emulation Module
  • PDF::IPDS Printer Emulation Module
  • PDF::Metacode Printer Emulation Module
  • PDF::TIFF Printer Emulation Module
  • Modules are licensed separately.