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Controlling Media and Finishing Across Cutsheet Devices

Explore the intriguing capabilities of controlling media and finishing operations across cutsheet devices, a game-changer for the printing industry.

(Length: 9:39)

4 Ways Rubika Can Empower Smart Batching Workflows

Rubika, our powerful PDF document re-engineering tool, offers four ways to enhance batching workflows and streamline production processes.

(Length: 6:06)

Strong Workflow, PDF, Printing and e-Delivery Trends. Pat and Drew Discuss!

Drew Sprague, President of Solimar Systems and Pat McGrew, Managing Director of McGrewGroup, chat about the future of workflow software and the print and digital delivery industries.

(Length: 5:52)

PDF Optimization Benefits Way Beyond Just Print. Experts Share Secrets

Join Drew Sprague, President of Solimar Systems and Pat McGrew, Managing Director of McGrewGroup, as they discuss PDF optimization and how Solimar is seeing customer success with ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™.

(Length: 3:37)

How Does PDF Drive Powerful Content Assembly? Industry Experts Tell All

As part of our Solimar Systems ROI Boost video series, Pat McGrew, Managing Director of McGrewGroup, and Drew Sprague, President of Solimar Systems, discuss the importance of being able to assemble content when creating communications output for delivery to recipients in a timely and high-quality manner.

(Length: 8:36)

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