Business Profile

WinNet Connections is a Business Process Outsourcing firm located in San Juan, Puerto Rico that services the banking, credit union, insurance and telecommunications industries.


Service bureau/Business Process Outsourcer (BPO)


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Business Solution

  • Enterprise output management system
  • Data stream conversion

Solimar Products

  • Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE)
    • TCP/IP Input/Output Modules
    • PostScript Interpreter
    • PDF::IPDS Conversion
    • IPDS Print Controller


  • Dynamic data stream conversions
  • Automate production workflow by eliminating manual processes
  • Increase flexibility of output access and devices
  • Provide enhanced management and control of production output
WinNet Connections

Solimar Helps WinNet Connections Leverage People, Processes and Technology

WinNet Connections is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that provides printing, mailing and cloud services to the banking, credit union, insurance and telecommunications industries in San Juan, Puerto Rico. WinNet Connections employees have more than 20 years of industry experience in delivering excellent technical expertise for their clients. They possess the knowledge and skill needed to optimize critical workflow and improve operations for its clients.

WinNet leverages modern technology to enable significant production automation efficiencies that allow operational savings to be passed on to their clients. They focus on the critical document applications so their clients can focus on managing their primary core businesses.

For clients with specific needs or business requirements, WinNet offers professional services in several areas of data processing, application programming, print server management, mailing and electronic document storage. Using WinNet’s industry technologies, knowledge, and professional services they deliver high quality solutions at cost effective price points.

“With all the efficiencies and savings we are experiencing with SPDE, our solution payback period was cost justified in less than six months.”

Jose Rosado,
WinNet Connections

Solimar Systems interviewed Jose Rosado, Vice President of Sales at WinNet Connections to discuss how implementing their customized Solimar solution has helped their organization streamline document workflows allowing them to become more productive while lowering operational costs.

While growth, expansion and increasing capacity is often financially healthy, it sometimes creates operational challenges. WinNet’s growth allowed them to acquire a new high volume IPDS production printer to keep pace with the demand of their clients. The challenge was that WinNet’s output data streams were PDF based, not IPDS. Since their new IPDS printer could not natively support PDF data streams, they needed to find a way to enable their new printer to support additional data stream types.

In addition to the data stream incompatibility with the new printer, WinNet also had workflow concerns they wanted to address at the same time:

  • Reduce or eliminate workflow manual processes using software automation
  • Increase the flexibility of their output access and become more device independent
  • Instill additional output controls and improve the overall workflow management
  • Add capability to insert banner and trailer pages to print jobs

“As our business grew we implemented a new IPDS printer and needed to convert PDF files to IPDS in order to support the new printer,” said Jose Rosado, Vice President of Sales at WinNet Connections. “We needed to find a solution to maximize the capacity of our new printer. We also wanted the ability to add banner and trailer pages to jobs.”

“We learned about Solimar Systems as a company from Xerox. They told us about the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) solution so we contacted Solimar to explore our options,” said Rosado. “We looked at other products, but discovered that the SPDE product was the best solution for us and it offered everything we needed.”

The Solimar Print Director Enterprise product is a powerful enterprise output management system. SPDE connects host computers to production printers that, under normal circumstances, cannot interface with each other. SPDE allows organizations such as WinNet to print from any host computer to multiple printing devices simultaneously. If needed, it also performs multiple conversion routines on each print file. By supporting combinations of inputs, outputs, and conversions, SPDE provides WinNet a powerful print manager solution that transparently connects host systems with the production printers. As WinNet’s requirements grow, software modules may be added along with new functionality that provides needed features and capabilities.

The power of SPDE lies in its ability to interface with virtually any host computer or printer. Moreover, its processing control, data stream conversion routines, and job management capabilities allow a very high degree of control over WinNet’s printing environment.

In addition to physically communicating with host systems and printers, the SPDE printer emulations enable any-to-any printing. Data streams and resources are automatically converted into new printer languages for the target printers or other output destinations. The emulation modules do not require any changes to be made to the application generating the print data. With SPDE, the way printing is accomplished today can be the same tomorrow, but on new or different output devices.

“Using our Solimar system we are now saving $27,000 per year in labor costs.”

Jose Rosado,
WinNet Connections

Since implementing the SPDE solution WinNet has been able to significantly reduce labor and development costs through operational automation. “Using our Solimar system we are now saving $27,000 per year in labor costs,” stated Rosado.

WinNet has also been able to reduce the production turnaround time of client projects and document output jobs by an average of 7 days. The SPDE solution has increased WinNet’s efficiencies allowing them to accelerate their output using the same resources. As a result, customer satisfaction levels have increased over 12% and helped WinNet retain more clients.

The SPDE solution has allowed WinNet to optimize their operational workflows and become more efficient as a business. “Our new Solimar solution has enabled us to reduce business processing costs by nearly $20,000 per year,” said Rosado. “With all the efficiencies and savings we are experiencing with SPDE, our solution payback period was cost justified in less than six months.”

In addition, WinNet’s experience with Solimar’s technical support has been very positive. “We engaged the Solimar tech support during our trial period and found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable,” said Rosado. “They helped our team with all the issues, questions, concerns, data stream conversions and ideas on how to best manage our workflows.”