Business Profile

Founded in 1940 and headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, Noridian Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC) provides health insurance and related services to its members located in the Midwestern and Western areas of the United States.


Health Insurance Products & Related Services


Fargo, ND

Business Solution

  • Enable PDF document workflow
  • Software automation
  • Efficient output processes
  • Flexible output options

Solimar Products

  • Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise
    • AFPDS::PDF
    • PDF::PostScript
    • TCP/IP Output
    • Postscript Interpreter
    • Queue Manager
  • Rubika®
  • SOLfusion™
  • SOLindexer™


  • Anticipated postage costs reduction by $100,000 per year
  • Expected reduction in printer “click charge” costs by 40% per year
  • Enable electronic document distribution channel with high volume PDF generation
Noridian Mutual Insurance Company

Solimar Insures Success at Noridian Mutual

Noridian Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC) provides health insurance products and related services to members located in the Midwest and West areas of the United States. The Company’s offerings include group medical, dental, vision, and life insurance; disability and disease coverage; third-party administration services; Medicaid and Medicare administration; and a pre-paid prescription drug program. NMIC was founded in 1940 and is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota.

Solimar Systems interviewed Douglas Weatherly, Document Services Director, Corporate Communications at NMIC to discuss how implementing their Solimar solution has allowed them to streamline production workflows, lower production costs and reduce the turnaround time of projects.

“With Solimar, we expect to reduce our printer click charges by 40% per year.”

Douglas Weatherly
Noridian Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC)

NMIC is required to develop and distribute several different types of documents, including Explanation of Benefits statements, member correspondence/letters, internal reports, bank statements and more. Each type has its own requirements and production challenges.

NMIC identified four objectives they sought to implement to improve the workflow of their document communications:

  • Enable electronic document distribution channel with high volume PDF generation
  • Lower recurring operational print costs by reducing printer usage click charges
  • Increase production workflow efficiency
  • Instill printer workflow with flexibility to ensure business continuity and timeliness

“Before the Solimar system arrived, we were manually importing and moving PDF files,” said Weatherly. “A lot of excessive labor hours were involved in this slow and costly process. To become competitive in the market, our production operations needed to become more efficient. Solimar helped us get there by automating processes that were previously manual, slow and had risk for human error.”

NMIC researched a variety of industry solution options to help manage their document production workflows. After a thorough analysis, they selected the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) system as the most complete offering for their needs. In addition to SPDE, they also implemented Rubika®, SOLindexer™ and SOLfusion™ to manage post-composition document re-engineering while optimizing USPS postal workflows.

“The Solimar system we configured was the best software solution for our environment,” stated Weatherly. “What really sold us was that we felt the overall solution cost was very fair compared to others and the ability to plug in other modules as we grow and have the need to scale.”

SPDE coupled with Rubika and SOLfusion gives NMIC a powerful solution that provides several ways to streamline workflows through automation. Rubika is an award-winning post-composition document re-engineering solution specially designed to automate manual processes, maximize postal savings, and enhance print data. Unlike other solutions, which rely on custom programming, Rubika requires no coding at the application level and provides an intuitive user interface to rapidly implement production changes.

“Using Rubika, along with pre-sort software, we anticipate our postage costs will be cut by over $100,000 per year.”

Douglas Weatherly
Noridian Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC)

Since implementing the integrated Solimar system, the output process has become automated and efficient. “Using our new Solimar solution, our new workflow is streamlined,” said Weatherly.

Through the implementation of the Solimar solution NMIC was able to accomplish the objectives that were set for the new system:

  • Increase efficiency of high volume PDF creation and handling
  • Enable 2-up document creation to reduce print costs
  • Instill integrity, flexibility and continuity within the workflow process

Using the Solimar solution has allowed NMIC to do things they previously could not, such as create and print 2-up documents. As a result, they are continually finding new ways to reduce costs while becoming more efficient. “With Solimar, we expect to reduce our printer click charges by 40% per year,” stated Weatherly. Rubika is used to solve a variety of challenges and can be configured in many different ways to increase efficiencies and profitability. Other tangible system benefits that NMIC has discovered include a reduction in sortable postage costs. “Using Rubika, along with pre-sort software, we anticipate our postage costs will be cut by over $100,000 per year,” said Weatherly.

NMIC’s overall experience with Solimar’s technical support has been positive and timely. “We have contacted the Solimar support team numerous times during the transition with questions,” stated Weatherly. “Their professional responses were always helpful and timely.”