What MassPrinting Says About Solimar Solutions

A cornerstone of the Solimar Systems “chemistry” is to build strong relationships with our clients and partners in order to extend the best technology solution and customer experience. From our subject matter experts to our exceptional support team, we believe connecting with clients and truly understanding their needs is a critical part of empowering their communications. As part of the relationships we create, we appreciate our clients sharing their challenges and successful implementations in order to help others in the Document Output Management, Customer Communications Management (CCM), Direct Mail and other areas of print realize the same levels of benefit and impact.

MassPrinting, located in North Reading, Massachusetts, is characterized as a Document Output Solutions and Commercial Print Provider. Currently, they are in a growth phase and have placed focus on scaling their Document Output Solutions services which include technology and print and mail management offerings. A significant part of MassPrinting’s customer base is providing services to Insurance Carriers, which means they receive print files or jobs from a wide variety of organizations that have a similarly varied method of creating those jobs. This creates various situations and obstacles when trying to onboard jobs in an efficient, repeatable and productive manner. They overcome these challenges quickly and easily with the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform.

By implementing both Rubika and SOLfusion, MassPrinting was able to change what they require from their customers and the entire process for how they onboard and push jobs through their production workflow. As you will learn in this case study video from Barry Crawford, Chief Technology Officer, recognizing that they needed to automate their processes and put in a flexible, modular and configurable solution to enable their organization to grow at a steady pace. In fact, at a recent conference, Barry explained to the audience that they were able to grow at double-digit rates, something that is difficult to do in today’s competitive marketplace.

Join Barry as he describes why MassPrinting was looking for change, the way they decided to update their workflow and how it has benefited their customers, production environment and bottom line.

Have questions for the Solimar team? Contact us today; we would love to help you empower your critical communications.

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About MassPrinting

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in North Reading, Massachusetts, MassPrinting, Inc. has over twenty years of experience providing document output solutions to meet customer’s needs. The Company began as a commercial print business, providing customers with printing solutions from the simplest business cards to complex, highly customized annual reports. In 2001, MassPrinting developed a solution for their first insurance client, converting them from expensive, hard to manage traditional printing to a transactional printing platform with both print and electronic delivery capabilities. This technology-driven solution saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars. MassPrinting has embraced the rapid technological changes in the printing industry and continues to do so, which has enabled them to become a leader in the document output solutions industry.