Business Profile

A leading printing company acquired new production printers and leveraged the Solimar® Print/Director system to convert its remote legacy Xerox applications to PostScript and enhance its print management capabilities.


Service Bureau & Outsourcing


Syracuse, NY

Business Solution

  • Output Management
  • Device Connectivity
  • Data Stream Conversion

Solimar Products

  • Solimar Print/Director
    • Base system with XIMAGE™
    • TCP/IP Output
    • XCHANGE::PostScript
    • RJE/SNA::3211


  • Reduced dependency and risk associated with proprietary technology and data formats
  • Improved production print management
  • Reduced printer expenses and click charges
  • Legacy data stream conversion enabled applications to be printed on faster printers to increase productivity
KinaneCo Printing Systems

Improved Host Connectivity and High-Speed PostScript Conversion

Based in Syracuse, New York, KinaneCo Printing, Inc. specializes in producing marketing and convenience store signage. KinaneCo’s mission is to delight customers by exceeding their every want, anticipating their every need, and treating all customers like they are partners. The company’s New York office alone ships over 30,000 convenience store product, shelf tags, and miscellaneous form order guides per month. Solimar Systems interviewed Wendy Colucci of KinaneCo to discuss how the Solimar® Print/Director modernized and greatly improved KinaneCo’s print operations.

KinaneCo already used the Print/Director as a front-end solution to their Xerox 4090 LPS before moving to production PostScript printers. Previously, Print/Director was used to print network PCL applications to the 4090. When KinaneCo outgrew the 4090, they simply added the RJE input and TCP/IP output modules to provide host connectivity. They also added Solimar’s Xerox emulation module, XCHANGE, to convert legacy Xerox print streams to PostScript. As a result of Print/Director’s modular design, this simple upgrade provided the capability to print KinaneCo’s current Xerox DJDE and Metacode applications onto their new PostScript printers and eliminated the need for the DOS-based RJE system they had been using.

“Solimar Tech Support is by far the best I have EVER experienced!”

Wendy Colucci
KinaneCo Printing, Inc.

Using Print/Director’s ability to modify print data, letter size applications are now printed two-up on 11″ x 17″ paper. Colucci explains, “With Print/Director we are able to modify the data, allowing us to print our files two-up on 11 x 17. We now print everything using 11″ x 17″ paper – saving clicks and time!”

The Solimar Print/Director user interface is very easy to learn and use so operators can take advantage of its many features. This has made job control much less complicated for the operators at KinaneCo. Colucci noted, “Our operator is not very computer friendly, yet with minimal training he was able to pick up the Print/Director system. He is able to easily release jobs and pull from a retain file to print jobs again.”

“We now have the ability and flexibility to print to any of our PostScript printers. Solimar freed us to run our business the way that we want to!”

Wendy Colucci
KinaneCo Printing, Inc.

As with any production print center, every device and product involved needs to be dependable. Solimar strives to offer the best support available. Colucci reflected, “Solimar Tech Support is by far the best I have EVER experienced! We recommend others to Solimar on this fact alone. If you have a problem they are there to solve it in a quick and polite manner. No problem is too tough for this amazing tech support team!”