Business Profile

Doxim is a full service customer communication solutions provider specializing in digital transactional document presentment, print & mail services and a host of Electronic Document Delivery and Management tools.


Print Service Provider


Indianapolis, IN

Business Solution

Solimar Products


  • Created new market opportunities triggering new revenue streams of $1.8 million per year
  • Eliminated inaccurate content costs by $250,000 per year
  • Decreased development resource and labor expenses by nearly $100,000 per year
  • Reduced reprint costs by 10% per year


Doxim Gains Nearly $2M in New Revenue with Solimar's SOLsearcher™ Enterprise

Doxim is a transaction print and electronic document delivery and management company that has grown to become a leading edge supplier of technology driven print and electronic communications serving a wide range of nationally known clients, including many listed in the Fortune 500.

The Company’s expertise lies in processing, formatting, preparing and presenting critical, high quality financial documents which include periodic billing statements, monthly invoices, late notices, welcome notices, client specific payment coupon books, and a host of other time-sensitive customer relationship documents. These same documents and communications are processed by an automated processing system into electronic formats allowing for electronic deliveries, payments, storage and integration into customer service and mission critical business operations.

Solimar Systems interviewed Brad Turner at Doxim to discuss how implementing Solimar’s SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) has allowed them to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional documents in a secure manner.

“With the addition of SOLsearcher, our Solimar product offerings have enabled $1.8 million per year in new revenue.”

Brad Turner,
Allison Payment Systems

The Challenge

Using internal resources, APS developed a custom in-house product to support electronic document web presentment. Although the product was functional, APS considered their web presentment process to be somewhat awkward, problematic to maintain, a potential security risk, and performance speed was inadequate. “The internally-developed product worked okay for us, but the process was cumbersome to maintain and the user experience was not as fast as we wanted,” said Turner.

The internal product used a process that created a “branch” or separation between the document data and the PDF electronic document. Occasionally, this caused issues for APS when data files were re-processed and a condition existed where PDF files could become out of sync with the intended user. In order to avoid risking a scenario where the wrong PDF file could be presented and viewed by the wrong user, a cumbersome manual intervention was required by APS to prevent and correct the condition.

“Having online users view another person’s financial statement or any other document type is something that simply cannot occur in our business,” stated Turner. “We are always very concerned with document privacy and data security concerning our users. We needed an e-document web presentment system that eliminated our security risk while also ensuring the information confidentially of our users.”

The Solution

After researching potential solutions, Doxim determined that Solimar’s SOLsearcher solution was optimized for their needs. Doxim discovered that SOLsearcher was a powerful and highly secure electronic document delivery and web presentment system that would enable them to index, store, search and retrieve large collections of critical business documents and reports. Doxim currently uses the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise and Rubika® to support their print infrastructure, so they were able to leverage their existing Solimar platform by adding a scalable electronic document distribution solution to support their customer base.

Using the SOLsearcher Application Programming Interface (API), Doxim integrated SOLsearcher’s viewing capabilities with its existing online bill payment functionality. Combining secure online viewing and bill paying capability streamlined the overall user experience. “We found the integration effort using the SOLsearcher API to be straightforward and trouble-free,” said Turner. “Integrating and deploying SOLsearcher with our online payment engine was not complicated at all.”

“Thanks to SOLsearcher, labor and development resource costs have been reduced by nearly $100,000 per year.”

JP Thomas,
Allison Payment Systems

The Results

The SOLsearcher web presentment capability has allowed Doxim to expand product offerings and realize new incremental revenue from both new and existing customers. “With the addition of SOLsearcher, our Solimar product offerings have enabled $1.8 million per year in new revenue,” stated Turner.

Not only has SOLsearcher helped Doxim by adding to the revenue side, but it also has contributed by cutting costs. “Thanks to SOLsearcher, labor and development resource costs have been reduced by nearly $100,000 per year,” said JP Thomas of Doxim.

For Doxim, eliminating content errors and delivering accurate information to their customers has always been considered a primary business objective. SOLsearcher’s built-in security and capacity to deliver 100% document fidelity helps Doxim eliminate error exposure and risk. “We can count on SOLsearcher to deliver the right documents to the right people,” said Turner. “We estimate that SOLsearcher helps us save $250,000 per year in this area.”

Doxim also is leveraging SOLsearcher to reduce its reprint costs by 10% per year. Instead of re-printing costly unnecessary pages that are not required, SOLsearcher allows Doxim to easily identify only those re-print pages that are truly needed.