Business Profile

Full service outsourcing provider leverages Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise solution to reduce processing time and increase operational efficiencies.


Service Bureau/Outsourcer


Carrollton, TX
Austin, TX

Business Solution

  • Output management
  • Data stream transforms & normalization
  • Device connectivity
  • Operator management & security
  • Forms creation

Solimar Products

  • Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise
    • XCHANGE::PostScript
    • PostScript::IPDS
    • PostScript::PDF
    • PostScript::PostScript
    • XIMAGE™ – Form Creation


  • Ability to easily configure system security rights and operator privileges for each user
  • Automated system to transform, optimize and route data streams to correct output devices
  • Easy-to-use operator interface reduces need for supervisor intervention
  • Flexibility of leveraging virtually any output device regardless of the source data or job
  • Expert help from Solimar’s award winning customer support team
Direct Mail Partners

Direct Mail Partners Looks to Solimar for Success

Direct Mail Partners is a “full service” company with the goal to be the finest one stop solution for all outsourcing needs ranging from the smallest most basic jobs to the larger more complex projects. The Company operates out of a 44,800 square foot facility in Carrollton, TX and a newly acquired 7,500 square foot facility in Austin, TX to support disaster recovery and overflow needs, as well as to enhance growth opportunities. Currently, over 300 customers are served by approximately 45 full-time employees and up to 50 part-time personnel.

Direct Mail Partners operates with the philosophy that the customer always comes first. That includes unsurpassed attention to detail in client projects and bids, coupled with personalized service throughout planning and execution. Success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction and retention, earning the business with each and every project. Solimar Systems interviewed Bruce Albrecht, Vice President at Direct Mail Partners to discuss the deployment and operation of their Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise solution.

“Using the Solimar solution…projects are completed much quicker and at a lower operational cost.”

Bruce Albrecht
Direct Mail Partners

Direct Mail Partners accepts a wide variety of data formats and document types from its various customers across several industries. The applications include direct mail, statements, invoices, proposals, bills, letters, quotes, contracts/policies, correspondence and more. The customer data is often inconsistent and unpredictable, which is a challenge for getting jobs completed on time and meeting deadlines. Having to manually manipulate customer data so it can be processed to ensure it is compatible with Direct Mail Partners’ output devices was time consuming and a serious drain on expensive resources. They were unable to automatically standardize incoming customer data so that projects could be efficiently completed. They needed an automated centralized output management system that would efficiently accept, manage, and route jobs to the appropriate output devices.

Direct Mail Partners researched products that could potentially address their challenges. After careful analysis and consideration, it was clear that the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) was the best solution for their needs. “Even though Solimar is well known within the industry, we still wanted to perform a thorough due diligence in selecting the right vendor and solution for us,” said Albrecht. “Based on Solimar’s industry experience, product suite, and solid company reputation, the selection process was straightforward and very logical for us. Solimar had the best overall software, implementation, training and support.”

“The immediate one-call Solimar support I receive is crucial to the success of our business.”

Bruce Albrecht
Direct Mail Partners

Once the SPDE system was installed, Direct Mail Partners could now successfully accept and process a variety of data types from their customers. Incoming jobs were no longer restricted to certain printers, which previously caused production backlogs. Not only did the system streamline their device dependency issue, but it also performed efficient load balancing and reprint functionality.

“Between the user-friendly interface and the security controls for all the operators, the SPDE system has significantly reduced the amount re-work and required attention of the supervisors,” says Albrecht. “That gives the supervisors more time to focus on the core business rather than solving printer operator errors.”

According to Albrecht, the Solimar post-sales support team has always been there when he has needed them. “The Solimar customer support team is flawless and quick to resolve our issues,” said Albrecht. “The immediate one-call Solimar support I receive is crucial to the success of our business. To put it in very simple terms, they execute and deliver.”