Business Profile

Successful service bureau uses SOLsearcher™ Enterprise to automate document Web presentment.


Service Bureau


Oxnard, CA
Dallas, TX

Business Solution

  • Data Stream Conversion
  • Output Management
  • Web Presentment

Solimar Products

  • SOLsearcher Enterprise
    • SDX Designer
  • Solimar Print/Director
    • AFPDS::PDF
    • Base system with XIMAGE™
    • TCP/IP Input and Output
    • XCHANGE:: PostScript


  • Streamlined and improved workflows requiring less labor
  • Web presentment with 100% document fidelity
  • Improved document viewing experience for users
  • Robust system management and control
  • Web Services API for B2B and B2C integration
  • Secure content and access tracking
  • Efficient document storage
Matrix Imaging Solutions

DataProse Selects Solimar Systems for Print Management and Web Presentment Automation

Founded in 1990, DataProse helps organizations service their clients and market more effectively through improved billing statements and personalized direct mail. With core competencies in effective data manipulation, database management, cost-effective print technology and Web presentment, DataProse provides integrated turnkey solutions that serve dynamic industry segments such as telecommunications, financial services, utilities, healthcare, non-profit, business services, and consumer services. The company operates production facilities in Oxnard, CA and in the Dallas, TX area, as well as sales offices in San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA.

Solimar Systems recently interviewed Curtis Nelson, Vice President and General Manager at DataProse to discuss how implementing an efficient electronic document Web presentment solution using SOLsearcher Enterprise has enabled DataProse to expand its business.

“We are now saving $50,000 per year in storage hardware costs compared to our previous electronic document presentment system.”

Curtis Nelson
VP & General Manager, DataProse, Inc.

No one faces more data and document delivery challenges than a service bureau, such as DataProse. Service bureau organizations are required to be agile and flexible enough to service a wide variety of customers with a broad range of requirements. In addition to supplying personalized print services for its clients, DataProse offers Web presentment services that enable documents to be viewed via an Internet browser. However, their existing electronic document presentment system was difficult to manage, cumbersome to use, slow to display documents, and was very inefficient when storing documents to disk.

After researching various electronic document distribution solutions from several vendors, DataProse chose to implement SOLsearcher Enterprise from Solimar Systems. DataProse already had a companion product from Solimar installed and in production – Solimar Print/Director – that managed its print workflows and automatically produced industry standard PDF documents directly from print data streams. By repurposing and leveraging its production print processes using the Solimar Print/Director system, DataProse automatically generates electronic documents that are 100% equivalent to its printed documents. “The entire print and Web presentment workflow is extremely automated and requires little human interaction,” says Nelson. “The improved workflow has significantly reduced our labor costs and the time required to get our work done. The product combination of Print/Director and SOLsearcher have allowed us to become much more efficient.”

“Why did we buy from Solimar? Simple. They have an outstanding reputation, industry experience, and they provide terrific technical support.”

Curtis Nelson
VP & General Manager, DataProse, Inc.

SOLsearcher Enterprise is highly scalable, secure, and well designed for service bureau implementations that manage output for multiple clients. “The SOLsearcher system was the best fit for us and our requirements,” said Nelson. “The feature-to-price ratio was significantly better than other products on the market. Plus, we were able to implement our system in a very short period of time, which allowed us to be up and in production sooner.” Nelson explains why DataProse chose SOLsearcher for their document Web presentment system: “Why did we buy from Solimar? Simple. They have an outstanding reputation, industry experience, and they provide terrific technical support.”