Business Profile

DataMail Services provides complete document delivery and data management services to support the financial credit union industry.


Service Bureau/Outsourcer


Madison Heights, MI

Business Solution

  • Document Re-engineering and Repurposing
  • Barcode Management for Postal Mail and Insertion Equipment
  • Postal Pre-sorting for Mail Optimization

Solimar Products

  • Rubika™
  • SOLindexer™
  • SOLfusion™
  • Solimar® Print Director™
  • Enterprise


  • New capabilities saved large longstanding existing customer from competition
  • Ensured $260,000 per year in revenue
  • Opens up many new potential business opportunities estimated at $1,000,000 per year
  • Increased market share

Rubika Provides Outsourcer Expanded Capabilities and Revenue Growth

Since 1992 DataMail Services has provided unprecedented printing and mail services to the financial credit union industry, including member statements, notices, tax forms, electronic documents, commercial printing and direct mail. All printing and services are customized according to their clients’ needs and are completed in house.

Over the course of several years, DataMail Services has evolved their business model, but have always focused on the credit union industry as their core business market. In addition to serving their traditional credit union industry, DataMail added a full service commercial printing operation to ensure it would fill any void in any credit union statement processing cycles along with proving a constant flow of production.

DataMail Services provides complete services from printed financial statements to electronic document delivery, presentation and archiving, laser-printing, and 4-color printing. From document creation to distribution, DataMail Services provides full service document delivery and management. All of the services are done in-house in a secure environment.

Their customers find that DataMail Services can help them reduce costs and improve their marketing campaigns while taking advantage of new technologies and services not typically offered in their industry today. Solimar Systems recently interviewed Dave Sikina, IT Director at DataMail Services, to discuss how implementing Solimar technology has broadened their services offering scope and enabled new revenue streams.

“Rubika has proved to be a very impressive product for us. The ROI is staggering.”

Dave Sikina
DataMail Services

DataMail Services had always been known as a customer-focused service organization by doing whatever it takes to satisfy their customers’ requirements. When one of their longstanding credit union customers approached them about making re-engineering changes to their statements, DataMail was put in a difficult position. With DataMail’s current technology in place, they did not have the ability to satisfy the customer’s requirements. It had become clear to DataMail — if they could not accomplish what the customer needed to do with their statements — the customer would take their annual $260,000 worth of business to a competitor.

“This customer had been doing business with DataMail for over 10 years and we had built up a very solid relationship with them,” said Dave Sikina, IT Director at DataMail Services. “We didn’t want to lose a good long-time customer nor did we want to lose a significant amount of annual revenue.”

It was unrealistic to re-program and re-code the customer’s statement application at the source level to accommodate a re-worked document composition workflow. Re-programming the entire statement application would simply be too costly and a very lengthy development project with a serious drain on DataMail’s technical resources.