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Want to be the first to get Solimar's headlines as soon as they are published? This FAQ will show you how, and will answer some of the common questions about Solimar's new news feeds.

What is RSS?

The acronym RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", "Rich Site Summary", or any of a handful of others. An RSS feed (also known as a news feed) is a site's syndicated news feed that you subscribe to using your news reader. All RSS feeds from Solimar are based on the RSS 2.0 specification.

What is a news reader?

A news reader (also known as a news aggregator) is simply a piece of software that you can use to read your subscribed news feeds. It is to news feeds what Outlook, Hotmail, and Entourage are to email.

How do I subscribe to Solimar's news feeds?

Step one is to download and install your favorite news reader whether it is a stand-alone application or web browser plugin. Then simply point your news reader to the addresses below for each feed that you want to subscribe to. That's it! Your news reader will see that has published a new story and alert you to its availability.

Available Feeds

  • Solimar News & Events:
  • Press Releases:
  • Partner Portal Updates: Please Login to link to your feed

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