Add Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences to your Customer-Facing Transactional Documents

The multi-channel content delivery solutions from Solimar enable organizations to offer unique experiences across all your customer facing documents such as invoices, statements and direct mail in both paper and electronic formats. Giving customers the ability to engage with your message through a mobile experience makes printed documents and transactional statements more relevant than ever. And it keeps them relevant as promotional AR content is continually updated in archived documents, creating evergreen content and increasing the long-term value of all of your statements.

Installing and using the Solimar® AR App.

Sample Transactional Document AR Experience

The Solimar AR App is available in your App Store for iPhone and Android Devices.

SOLibank Statement AR Markers

SOLibank AR Statement
SOLibank AR Statement

SOLibank Sample AR Video Experience

Download the SOLibank Transactional Statements

Zoo Brew AR Markers

Zoo Brew AR Mailer
Zoo Brew AR Mailer

Zoo Brew Sample AR Video Experience

Download the Zoo Brew Mailer

Zoo Brew Mailer