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Print & Document Delivery Software Solutions

With more than 45,000 products installed in thousands of sites worldwide, Solimar Systems is a leading provider of document delivery solutions for transactional/POD production printing environments and online web presentment.

Production Enterprise Dashboard

The Chemistry CCM production dashboard is customizable, modular and integrates all Solimar solutions and many industry leading technologies providing workflow visibility, and increased productivity all while lowering IT costs.

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Post-Composition Document Re-engineering

Powerful post=composition re-engineering workflow solution that greatly enhances document distribution and management in high volume transactional printing and web presentment environments.

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SOLfusion™ is a powerful centralized workflow application that allows users to stage and sequence tasks needed to produce desired output.

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Suite of powerful PDF indexing tools for Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader® that provides an easy to use method for capturing and rapidly locating relevant information within PDF documents.

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Enterprise Output Management

Client-server-based enterprise output management solution that provides multi-level security, remote administrator and operator access, email alerts, powerful job routing/tracking capabilities, and industry-leading data stream transforms.

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Stand-alone powerful transform engine for AFP environments that automatically routes mainframe and AS/400 print reports directly to networked desktop and production PostScript printers, viewing stations and archive systems. Files are parsed and renamed with Job Events module.

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PostScript preamble that emulates and optimizes Xerox VIPP® software by generating DSC compliant PostScript, extending the reach of VIPP applications to virtually all types and brands of workgroup and production printers, as well as ERM/COLD and archive systems.

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Resource creation tool that converts single page PDF files into Xerox Metacode form (FRM) overlays and images (IMG) resources. The new resources can be used for creating Xerox applications for printing onto any IPDS, PCL, and PostScript printers as well as PDF files for viewing, archiving or epresentment.

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Secure Web Presentment & E-Delivery

Highly scalable and secure electronic document delivery and web presentment solution that enables organizations to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional and/or scanned documents. Ideal for B2B and B2C environments.

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Easy to use UI to quickly design, test and manage the SOLsearcher Enterprise indexing templates, known as SDX files.

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Database-driven Job Tracking

Know exactly where all your jobs are from a user-friendly web browser based dashboard.

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Online/Onsite Training & Custom Services

Onsite and/or online structured and customized training courses for users and distributors of Solimar products, available through Solimar's corporate headquarters in San Diego, California.

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Solimar Systems offers remote and onsite custom installation, training, and configuration design for all Solimar solutions.

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