Parse Your AFP

January 1, 2002

SAN DIEGO, CA – Solimar Systems, Inc. announces enhanced AFP job parsing capabilities! The functionality to parse AFP data is part of the Job Events Module. The Module is an optional component to Solimar Systems’ iCONVERT™ and aCONVERT™ AFP conversion products. These products are used to transform IPDS and AFPDS print data into various output formats. The converted output is used to feed archive systems or drive printers that do not natively support AFP print data.

Job Events provides the ability to detect specific information in AFP print data, act upon it in pre-defined ways, and pass it on to be delivered as instructed. Job Events functionality can be used for a variety of applications. AFP reports can automatically sub-divided so that some documents are routed to printers, while others are archived. Information extracted can be used to name files destined for archive systems or to control reprints. Job Events also provides a variety of choices for the type of information extracted. Information such as page counts, user ID, or whether there are duplex pages can be used and certain pages can be removed from the data altogether. Combined with conversion to PDF, Job Events can add Bookmarks and electronic overlay insertion and/or replacement.

Job Events Module is commonly used for:

  • Extracting information to name files for operator tracking and archive product file retrieval;
  • Parsing large legacy applications into smaller segments for load balancing between multiple printers;
  • Printers that require the entire file to be received before the job can start printing can now start printing each parsed section of the job before the entire print job is received;
  • Large jobs can be sent to print on production printers and small jobs to midrange printers;
  • Extracted information enables automated routing features;
  • Provides operators with job information to control distribution, reprints, and printer requirements.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.